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An Anti-“MomBlog”

A wise woman builds her home but a foolish one tears it down with her own hands. – Proverbs 14:1

To the Messy Men that I love oh-so-much,

I’m going to go against the grain here. It seems as though the internet wants to get on these here blogs and talk about how awful you all are or how tired I should be… well, I’m not drinking that Kool-Aid. I think you’re awesome. Every single messy, sloppy & forgetful thing about you is awesome. Maybe its not awesome in the conventional way – but it’s awesome in the way that you are mine…. and that’s what this is really all about.

There are a lot of blogs/articles/facebook statuses going around saying things like “Stay-at-home-mom depression is REAL” and “My husband doesn’t appreciate all I do all day” and “I just need a vacation because being a mom/nurse/cook/housekeeper/taxi driver/blah/blah/blah is hard.” Don’t you listen to them, needy men of mine. Don’t you listen one bit. Let me tell you something about all these people saying all these things… they must not realize how incredible it is to be a mommy & wife.

3388e2d107d7e4ec4474f50a06281e49Awesome?! Noooo…. its SO hard.

Damn right it’s hard. It should be! Being your mom & wife is literally the most important job I will ever and have ever had…. therefore it SHOULD be hard. The important stuff is never easy. It can’t be. It matters too much.

Now now – don’t let me confuse you – I still would appreciate you cleaning up after yourselves & making sure you always use your manners. Those are basic principles that no man should ever forget. And I promise that I WILL let you know when I’m upset with you. But I can also promise you that I won’t resent you for not being a model citizen every single moment of your life – because I’m not either.

The problem I am having with these blogs these days is that it’s giving us moms/wives the wrong sense of entitlement. Don’t get me wrong – we DO do a lot. We DO deserve to be respected and treated fairly. But we don’t deserve the right to write an open letter to our husbands about how they don’t do enough. THEY deserve a private conversation & our marriage deserves discretion. We don’t deserve the right to act like we resent the busy job of being a mom. Being a mother is a PRIVILEGE denied to so, so many.  I take my job as your wife & mommy very seriously. I want to show you a shining example of what goodness, patience & stewardship look like. I want you to understand why I deserve respect – not that I’m entitled to it, as goes for all of you.  I want you to always know that even when I’m mad, I love you all more than words or any blog will ever be able to express.

So, My wish for you 3 wonderful fellas is this:

To my husband –

You work so hard for our family. I DO get frustrated when I feel like my”work” days never end and I know I express that to you – but please don’t mistake my frustration as me diminishing what YOU do. You are an integral part of why our family works and I appreciate you. Thank you for working outside of our home, away from your boys, so that I may stay here in the chaotic 20863790_10159053768790234_486720569_nparadise I call home and watch them grow and be present for every moment. You may not always put your socks in the hamper or wash your plate after dinner – but you do your best for our family and I’m blessed that you’re mine. We’re a team – the best team. I love you.


To my two sweet, adventurous, busy boys – You light my life. You’re messy – I’m a clean20864243_10159053756965234_1428800123_n freak. You’re EVERYwhere – I’m structured. You’re unpredictable – I’m 2 steps ahead. You’re happiness – I’m grateful. My job as your mommy is to embrace all the things that 20839550_10159053757055234_1316794966_nwill soon disappear with adulthood and teach you how to manage them responsibly. I do NOT want to get away from you. I do NOT suffer from a depression from being at home with you. I do NOT resent you. I AM tired. All that means is that you both keep me so busy being your mommy. Thank you for teaching me selfless love & inspiring me to be the best person I can be. You have given me purpose. Thank you. I love you. Love, Me.


****Ladies – please be aware that every time we complain about “all the things we do”, we diminish the importance of our role. Every single living human being on this planet came to be from a mother. You’re job as a mom isn’t easy because it shouldn’t be. It’s the most important job there is (I already said that but I’ll say it again.) And you’re job as a wife is your CHOICE. And if you’re only means of communicating your grievances to your husband is passive aggressively sharing a blog on Facebook, you must not want change all that bad (because I can guarantee your husband won’t read that blog & have some kind of epiphany.) Marriage takes work. Momming takes work.  It’s all work. There are so many women (some who may be reading this) who desperately want to find a husband or maybe have lost one and who want nothing more than to be a mom -or- are having to do it on their own. If we are lucky enough to be in the elite club of wives & mothers, lets quit looking to the internet for validation and a pat on the back for things that we should do graciously & humbly. We know we’re awesome. We know what we do. We know we matter.

And that’s all that matters.



6 thoughts on “An Anti-“MomBlog””

  1. One can realize that it is incredible to be a mother and a wife and still get frustrated about people picking up after themselves.
    Maybe it is a generational thing, but even my dad who didn’t help around the house much still put his clothes in the hamper. My dad was born in the post Depression years and people tended to take care of their things better because they might not have the money to replace them. When my husband was growing up such behavior was simply not tolerated, by his mom or his dad.
    While I would never write a blog post about it, I can see especially when one has little children how that would be frustrating, if not everyone picked up after themselves. My husband can manage to get his socks in the hamper. Whoever thought common sense expectations would be something to be grateful about. I guess I should have thanked my mother in law before she passed away for raising her children right in this regard.
    It is great that you don’t have depression, but there might be some moms out there that honestly do, which become exacerbated by the little things.


    1. Hi Kate! I want to start off by apologizing because I think the purpose of this little blog was misunderstood. My husband DOES help around the house and put his socks in the hamper. I was being facetious because there is another popular blog circulating that complained about that. I guess the point that I was trying to make is that we are choosing to complain via blogs/social media rather than appreciate. Being frustrated is one thing – going to the internet for validation is another. I wrote this blog out of frustration that the blogs about how much being a wife and mom sucks out numbers the blogs about how great it can be 10-1. I don’t think that simple manners and expectations should be rewarded either… but that goes for the moms duties too. And as far as the depression goes – I agree. Depression is a real disease. I was not minimizing “depression.” I was minimizing this new diagnosis called “Stay-at-home-mom Depression” (which is not a thing). If you suffer from clinical depression, I sympathize with you TREMENDOUSLY. But there is a blog circulating referring to the SAHM Depression as though it diagnosed by a doctor. That is what I was referring to.

      I guess my goal to be facetious and respond to these other blogs more directly was missed. I probably should have prefaced this with this:
      This blog’s goal is in effort to do the opposite of what is so popular these days – complain. Today, I choose to appreciate. Not every day is a good day – but it’s a choice whether or not to jump on the internet to complain or praise. But I still believe if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. 🙂

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  2. Honestly, i’m so thankful that I have a Husband who makes his best effort to ensure that I and the work I do in our Household is both acknowledged and appreciated by him. sometimes, though, I have to wonder if women who complain about their Husbands not doing so simply picked bad Husbands to begin with!

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  3. This is so sweet and so true. It’s so easy to grumble and gripe when things aren’t going right but it’s such an important job and it’s important relish and celebrate the good days, people, emotions the same way it’s important to blow off a little steam with some ranting every now and then. I appreciate your voice here.


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