Hi! I’m Brittany (the humble, over-achiever!). I’m a mom to 2 little boys named Kamden & Bennett. I’m a wife to Nate. I’m a Joanna Gaines wannabe. I’m an OCD psycho. I’m a lot of things. I’m a mommy, wife, friend, daughter, grand daughter, fitness junkie, Advocare Momma, wannabe artist, shower singer and Christ follower 😉

I started writing this blog as a means of helping other “average” women like myself, realize that they are not alone. I wanted a way to reach out to the outside world since I was getting cabin fever being home in a city with no friends and my toddler. Little did I know that this would manifest into a passion. A passion for writing and moreover, a passion for helping others. So, let me tell you a little about myself since this IS the “about me” portion of the blog.

I am a wife and mommy. I don’t really talk about the life I had before I met my husband because… well… eh. You know! LOL

My husband, Nate and I met in October of 2009. A mutual friend of ours had been murdered. The circumstances were grim to say the least. Nate was friends with my ex of 10 years and I was seeing a new guy who actually was a really great guy (no dramatic break up story there). My ex of 10 years and I had been broken up for about 10 months at the time. Under the circumstances, I ended up spending a lot of time with him and his friends (aka Nate) helping the funeral and what not. Nate and I bonded very quickly as friends. I was at east around him… something I hadn’t ever experienced with a man. I was not looking to meet someone new… I was not looking for a whirlwind romance. BUT – in February 2010, I fell in love with my best friend. We were having fun. Going out… living the “life”… and then BAM! Our [unexpected] little miracle happened in April of 2010. Quick, huh?! That’s what I thought too! But, my soulmate surprised me yet again and at the age of just turned 21, he embraced my pregnant belly and fell in love with our baby boy.

On January 11, 2011 (That’s right! 1-11-11 hehe Cool, huh?!) our little was born into the world at 6 lbs 9 oz, 18 3/4 inches long at 7:18 am. Kamden James. He has stolen the hearts of our entire family and especially his  mommy and daddy. I have no crazy labor stories, or even pregnancy stories. It was a cinch!

After Kam was born, Nate and I realized that we needed to get our “stuff” together and get ready to take care of another life! That’s when Nate got a promotion that moved us away from our families in Jacksonville, FL to our new home in Augusta, GA. We have hopped around a bit since the first move (to St Simons Island for a bit now back to Augusta) but I believe that these adventures have strengthened us as a family. We are blessed by one another, FOR SURE.

In February 2014, I discovered what would change our lives YET AGAIN. I found Advocare. Nate and I have poured ourselves into this amazing business and the products. I can’t speak enough on how much I love everything about the direction of where our life is going and how much growth we have been through. My family was designed for me. I am in love with my life… every single day.

Fast forward to December of 2015, we had a miscarriage of the baby we tried for 2 years to have. No words can describe that night. But God knew better – because just 90 days later, we learned that we would be having a little boy. We named this little boy Bennett and his is the absolute light of our life.

On October 30, 2016, the world welcomed a 7lb 3oz “preemie” named Bennett Nathaniel Boggs. He was about 5 weeks early but just as fluffy as ever. His short stay in the NICU taught this busy momma a lot of about slowing down & taking in each moment. He’s 9 months old today and I can’t imagine this life with out him. And for those of you wondering – his big brother ADORES him… to the point of us having to say “Give you brother space” at least a dozen times a day.

Each morning I wake up with a renewed purpose. Our life has taken so many twists and turns throughout our 8 years. I am blessed beyond measure to be able to share what little wisdom I have with you.

My cup runneth over ❤