Bright & Shiny

Well well well – lookie who’s back?!  Thats right… it’s ME. I wanted to be the first to say WELCOME to my bright and shiny, brand new blog. My old one will still be around, but creatively, personally & aesthetically, I have grown and evolved hence the new-ness.

Its been quite a while since I’ve written a serious blog so I have decided to dedicate this, my first official post, to letting you all know what I’ve been up to. I think that will help you understand where we will be going.

The last time I wrote, we were Boggs Party of Three… and obviously we have added one 19059100_10155734689814905_3304148316434885344_nwonderful little boy to that mix. Around the time of my last blog, we had just lost a pregnancy to miscarriage. After that, I toyed around with coming back to write just to let you know how my brain operated after than loss and then even more when I found out I was pregnant (again) with Bennett. It wasn’t pretty – and if you DO want to hear that, let me know. Anyways, that was that.

After we had Bennett, I feel like we started a new chapter in our life. My oldest started Kindergarten (he’ll be staring First grade TOMORROW – whoa.). I love being a school-aged mom. The school activities I am blessed enough to attend just make me so happy. All the annoying PTA notices and constant needs of the school don’t bother me like they probably should… I even draw on my sons napkins because WHY THE HECK NOT?! At the school, I’ve been deemed the Pinterest mom… and I think I’m ok with that for now. We’ll see how this school year goes lol

Nate and I also took a step back from the business we had fallen so madly in love with – Advocare. We had suffered such a loss with the miscarriage and then a head spinning fear with our pregnancy with Bennett that we knew our focus needed to be on our family. Sidenote: I think that that is important to re-iterate. I feel like when families go through tragedy, the instinct is to unplug and dive into “work”… work is non-emotional and has nothing to do with the loss and fear. But I think what ends up happening is that you never heal WITH you family and it could cause a rift that will be so very hard to repair.  I am grateful for my husbands patience with me through this time. Bennett just turned 9 months old – and we have decided that we are ready to re-introduce ourselves to Advocare business. Slowly but surely… because we honestly do love the products.

Another exciting thing that happened is we opened an Etsy store bound to make us the next Chip & Joanna. I get to work along side of my husband on creative, passion projects. You will be seeing plenty of blogs about that one – trust me. 🙂

Finally – I have discovered in myself a strength that could only be divinely given to a mother who has to mourn, love, survive, organize, plan, nurture & surrender, all at once. I look in the mirror today and see a different woman than last year. I am more proud of who I am than I ever have been before. It may be that I’m in my thirties – but the conviction I have within myself is so relieving. As someone who spent a better part of her youth and early twenties insecure & self-doubting, I can finally say that I am who I say I am. I am so beyond grateful for the grace that God has given me. There isn’t fear anymore about where we are or where we’re going – God has already been there, I just need to catch up.

I’m so excited about this new journey in blogging, creating & sharing with you all.