The Skinny

***This post is specifically for our Summer Slim Down Challengers***

Hey Everyone! So here we are, July 2017. You know what happens in July? Heat, bikinis, back-to-school shopping & vacations coming to an end. You know what’s NOT happening in July? All those dang New Years Resolutions, that’s what! So I’ve decided that now is about that time to get back on the wagon – the only problem is that I hate being on that wagon alone. That’s why I’ve decided to bring some of you along with me!

As most of you know, I have been in the business of health & wellness for quite a while now so I know my way around this side of town pretty well. I also participated in a challenge very similar (heck – almost identical to this one) back in January & I want to pay it forward and host this weight loss challenge. I want to make sure that this is fair and square so I’m going to include all the details that I can – but please feel free to send me any suggestions or things I may have overlooked.

The purpose for this challenge is not to become competitive to the point of going against one another but to encourage women to be our best selves. The Facebook Page that we 5fb700322e3c82db23014092a6d834bdcreate for this challenge will be a safe place for good days, bad days & even the most embarrassing questions or concerns. I will be posting recipes, workouts, meal plans & encouragement DAILY. I will also be doing this right along side of y’all – but I won’t be eligible for the cash prize. Alrighty – here goes.


  • The challenge is 8-weeks long. It will start Wednesday, August 9, 2017 & end Wednesday, October 4, 2017.
  • There will be a private Facebook page for our challengers. This page is strictly limited to our challenge group. This is our safe place. 🙂
  • Initial weigh-in will need to be posted on the Facebook page via video by 10pm Wednesday, August 9. You will need to include the “code word” in the video. Also, include your measurements in your caption of the video.
  • Weigh ins & measurements will be due weekly via video on every Wednesday by 10pm. I will keep a spreadsheet of the progress of the numbers.
  • Front, back & side photos will be due weekly on Wednesday by 10pm. Please try and wear the same outfit each week. A black sports bra & black basic gym/yoga type leggings are preferred.
  • You may use any method to lose your weight EXCEPT surgery & the HCG weight loss clinic method. Your method is your discretion – but please remember this is about being HEALTHY and sustaining these changes long term.
  • Only WOMEN will be allowed to participate in this challenge. Its hard enough to be a woman these days, so lets be nice ladies!
  • The buy-in to participate in the challenge is $80. This can be paid to via PayPal and must be paid in full by weigh-in August 9.
  • Winner will be determined by TOTAL % LBS LOST.
  • There are 20 spots available in this challenge. 20 full spots = $1000 cash prize!

I’m very excited to be able to be a part of this with you all – its been too long since I’ve been out here helping people get healthy! Ladies – if we do this right, this will CHANGE OUR LIVES!